FOCUS Conference on Innovation and Communication in Public Administration and Public Sector Companies

During the transitional process, countries in Southeast Europe faced numerous changes. Today, due
to the ever-increasing influence of technology, the process of communication depends on numerous
digital platforms, and new generations perceive and use communication tools differently.
In a changing environment, public administration is exposed to criticism because of the bureaucratic
barriers and insufficient communication with the public. For that reason, a public debate on effective
communication is needed more than ever.
On that occasion, the first international conference on communication in public administration was
launched with the aim of bringing together individuals in public administration and public companies
to discuss strategies, tactics and communication processes. FOCUS is the platform for connecting,
exchanging knowledge and experience, and defining guidelines for new communication processes.
The motto of the Conference is closer to people and it brings together representatives of both the
public and the private sector. The mission of the public sector employees is to be closer to people by
implementing simple and transparent communication with the purpose of working together for a
better future. For this reason, the FOCUS Conference program, through practical examples presented
by prominent domestic and foreign communications experts, offers participants education on the
latest trends in public sector communication, the challenges that public officials encounter, and
advice on how to improve communication at all levels.
Unfortunately, public relations practitioners in public administration and public companies do not
always have the support and understanding of their superiors, despite the fact that communication
plays a key role in transparent work. One of the reasons is the unwillingness of superiors to invest in
continuous education in the era of digital transformations.
The new guidelines of the European Commission, which are followed by the countries that are not
yet joined in the European Union, place an increasing emphasis on digital literacy and accessible
Harmonization and implementation of communication strategies and the creation of the better
perception of public relations experts in public administration and public companies represent the
imperative for connectivity, exchange of knowledge and better positioning of the profession, which is
also the main objective of the FOCUS Conference.
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