The presidents of the two world associations for the first time at PRO PR conference

This year's 17th PRO PR  conference will host prominent experts in  public relations. Some of the lecturers are Mrs. Svetlana Stavreva president of the  International Public Relations Association (IPRA) founded in 1940 and Mrs. Maria Laura Garcia,  president of the World Intelligence Agency FIBEP founded 1953. Takashi Inoue, president of the Japanese Public Relations Institute will also be one of the key lecturers. This international conference is held for the 17th time in a row, this time in Croatia. PRO PR conference is specific to that is every year in the other country in the region. Their knowledge will be shared by Marcelo Risi, the Director of Communications of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, Raymond Frenken the Director of Communications  at the European Banking Association, Zarena Kancheva PR and marketing manager at Viber and Patrick Harris the former secretary of the media department  to His Royal Highness Prince of Wales.

The conference will mark two panels about the role of public relations in the tourist destination branding and the notion of the digital transformation in the field of public relations. This conference, in its essence, is devoted to a key challenge communication transformations.

„Unfortunately, even after 25 years from self-restraint, we don't have enough transparent communication at political and economic level. There is not enough public administration awareness and employees in public administration about the importance of public relations nor are the public relations experts at all levels recognized enough. Large corporations and certain commercial sectors of the company understand the importance of this. Within newly established successful companies there is still a lack of IT sector in some areas which would strategically communicate.  Although is startup community reached its peak in perception their communication lags behind. Even though we are talking about digital literacy technologies are advancing so fast according to statistically available data according to the number of inhabitants very few citizens use digital services established by public administrations. Slovenia is the predominant one. Serbia has a clear strategy at national level for two years now and in the last quarter of the year, Croatia is incerasingly communicating the digital transformation.'' said Danijel Koletić President of the Organizing Board of the PRO PR Conference.

The 17th PRO PR conference will be held from 10th to 13th April 2019 in the hotel Katarina in Selce in Croatia. More than 200 participants are expected from countries in the region.

Conference information and its program are available on an official website: