Conference ”Accessible Europe: ICT for ALL”

According to the UN and EU Commission organisation and ITU initiative, last two days, Mr. Danijel Koletić was delighted to attend and allow to present his opinion at the first and history Accessible Europe Conference in Vienna. Why history Conference? Because it is the first time it was organised in Europe. Did you know that more than 200 million people ( due to the available data because some countries has unavailable data ), in our community we have many people who has some kind of health disorder such as partially sighted, blindness, deaf-mute people, dyslexia as well as many other people with problem in communication. We live in digital age. It is so sad and disappointing that now in 21. century we talk about strategy and targets which we have to define and implement. Last few years ITU is making an efforts and has organised many Conferences in South and North America which have many opened questions, challenges and ideas to improve better life quality ( web accessibility, public transport marking ). Public transport marking and Web accessibility in EU public sector must be adjusted and finished latest on November 23 2019.

Instead of artificial intelligence, Avatars, there are still many questions concerned of needs and emotional cohesion with persons with special needs. Therefore, Accessible Europe Conference has initiate many questions and presented solutions to implement better life quality but it is not so quick process, necessary 2 years. As a human, I am disappointed and surprised that we - unique citizens on planet, needed 21st century to finally sit and assemble Europe powerful shareholders and open dialog between public, NGO and private sector and finally solve challenge and ensure better life quality. 200 million people is maybe not so much, but if you look at the atlas, Germany, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia and Poland has 200 million citizens.

''Do not forget that we can not choose our birthplace neither the part of community so please next time you see a person with special needs, think about how to help or support. Sometimes, just a single conversation and smile can make someones day better.'' said Danijel Koletić.