Founder and mission

We are creating new values by providing a unique mix of services to our clients

We are trading with time creatively to support companies' management in order to create the new values. Turning time into space, our creativity is endless. We determine what we want to be. Time is the condition for everything else.
In a modern business world, public relations are a daily requirement of the companies, individuals and public institutions. Upon our client`s requirements and needs, we have extended our activities to some specialized fields of PR, such as event management, crisis communication and production. Knowledge is a base for every success. Therefore, our goal is to ensure specific PR knowledge for our clients.
TRUST is the key to success of any company. Money is very important, but it can not buy trust. Just like the image or brand perception can not be bought. This is why Apriori Communications builds first the trust. Only trustful communication paths the way to success. This becomes the pride of both the company and the community.
HONESTY “Truth always comes out” is the main business principle of Apriori Communications.
INTEGRITY behind this value there is synergy of Apriori Communications and our clients. Our clients’ success is our own too. This is our pride.
SUCCESS Apriori Communications is focused on success. With its strategic solutions and communication tactics closely related to innovative solutions and creativity, Apriori Group leads its clients to their goals.
BEHAVIOR We behave towards others in the same manner we would like to be treated.
PEOPLE  Apriori Communications creates the environment that recognizes the virtues and advantages of every member of our team. We constantly educate ourselves and exchange information with respect to each other. We create an ambient where each individual can give its creative contribution and prove its qualities.
Time… the most valuable asset we give and take.
Inspiration  and Appreciation
Time is the most valuable asset we share with and take from others. Time holds the secret of Creation.
As still there is no Bank to Save Time for later, we creatively trade our Time for precious Moments and Memories adding Value and Recognition.
By transforming Time into Space, our Creativity is endless. It is the Time that shapes the Life.
We choose who we want to be. Time does the rest.
The Future Time of Apriori Communications is in front of you and at your disposal. We offer you synergy of innovation, recognition and perception of strategic communication management through Time. Time is our mission.
By reading our Company Profile we will take you for an inspiring Journey of Ideas and Memories of our previous Times.

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